The TOR Stablecoin

TOR is a fully collateralized, backed by the Hector Treasury, stablecoin built on the Fantom Opera Chain.

It has a dynamic supply which is determined
by supply and demand which ensures it is always worth $1.


The HECTOR Ecosystem

HEC and TOR make up the foundations of the HECTOR Ecosystem. Over the coming months and years, TOR will expand to be one of the only truly decentralized and collateralized stablecoins in the market. This will allow for significant growth of the HECTOR Ecosystem and
bring value and utility to users everywhere.


and Partnership

Over time, TOR will expand to be usable in a wide range of markets and use cases. To create adoption, partnership must be a focus. We aim to create strong, long-lasting partnerships to aid the adoption of TOR.


Where To Buy TOR?

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